Food bloggers guide

Food bloggers guide

29 October 2017

Are you a foodie looking for some more blog inspiration? Look no further than the tasty hub of Salt Rock. We are only a few kilometers from some of the greatest restaurants and café’s in the North Coast!

First on the trip should be the The Litchi Orchard. At the Orchard you can find the famous Delish Sisters, where you can choose from the harvest table or order off the breakfast and lunch menu. We suggest the Falafel bowl! If the menu isn’t to your liking, head down to The Shed and enjoy their craft gin on tap, and a delectable burger. Before you head out, pop to Scoop and enjoy a vast range of ice cream from cookies and cream to gin and tonic.

Next on the trip, head to Lifestyle Center to the Lifestyle Health Store and try a Propa food smoothie. They do different flavors every week and most of them are vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free! If you’re craving something sweet head to Loaf Café and enjoy Coffee in a cone; two of the world’s greatest things put together!

If you’re a bit more of a health conscious foodie then head to The Juice Kitchen where you can enjoy fresh raw fruit and vegetable juices. Take a couple home with you and take part in their 3 day juice cleanse!

Enjoy the tasty side of life with Dash

The Dash Team

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