Self catered apartments vs. hotels

Self catered apartments vs. hotels

17 December 2017

Okay, so everyone knows the difference between self-catering apartments and hotel accommodation, but do you know how you can benefit? This how our home away from home goes the extra mile to ensure your comfort in our apartments:

1. Privacy
Staying in our accommodation gives you more privacy and allows you to come and go as you please. With our apartments, you have your own private living space and gives more privacy than you would have at a hotel.

2. Space
Self-catering accommodation is usually more spacious than a hotel suite, allowing you to feel more comfortable and at home in your accommodation. Choosing self-catering also means that you will have your own facilities and you won’t have to worry about feeling cramped or sharing space with other guests.

3. Value
When food is taken out of the equation, our accommodation becomes far more cost-effective. Also, because self-catering accommodation is often bigger than a hotel suite this option is much more suited to larger groups of people who want to stay together, especially families.

4. Meals
Our self-catering apartments allow you to cook and eat what you want, when you want. This is a great option if food is important to you and your family, and you are careful about eating healthy meals. Having more space also means that you have your own private and fully equipped kitchen.

5. Be a Local
Staying in our accommodation means t that you get to experience more of what it feels like to be a local, therefore providing a more authentic experience for tourists.

6. Convenience
Apart from the check-in and out times, there are no limitations or curfews to worry about.

Enjoy self-catering apartments with Dash.
The Dash Team

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