Yoga with Dash Apartments

Yoga with Dash Apartments

25 March 2018

At Dash, we quite like ourselves some yoga! We don’t know if it’s the serene environment that surrounds us on a daily basis, or yoga the fact that yoga can make you feel so peaceful but we simply enjoy it! Why not get some mates together and come to Dash Apartments for a bit of a yoga retreat?

We are in close proximity to some of the best yoga studios in Ballito, which includes Ballito Yoga, Tash B Pilates and Liquid Yoga. Our apartments are in the tranquil and peaceful estate, Dunkirk Estate allowing you to do yoga in the comfort of your apartment whilst enjoying the sound of the branches swaying in the wind and views of the ocean. Once you’ve completed your yoga session, enjoy a moment in the sauna on-site or a light swim in the training pool or take a dip in the ocean to cool down. Dash Apartments can truly be a getaway for the soul.

For those of you who aren’t yogi’s as of yet – why not come for a retreat and start while on an adventure. Yoga has many benefits;

  1. It helps relief stress,
  2. You will sleep better,
  3. Helps you live in the present,
  4. Make you stronger and more flexible,
  5. Reminds you to breathe and…
  6. Allows you to gain a sense of inner calm.

Enjoy a yoga retreat with Dash Apartments.
The Dash Team

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